Glenn Prins

Glenn Prins heads up MRi’s  IT and Engineering services for our clients in todays complex media environment.

As and example, at the beginning of the Pandemic, he was able to quickly move FPR Radio into a virtual operational mode allowing the team to safely work from home.  This kind of creative IT and engineering solution is what we offer radio and media clients.

This is a practical example of how we think and act to resolve problems and find creative cost effective solutions.  This is the very essence of operating a smart media business in todays unforgiving world.

We want our media clients to know that they have other options that are more relevant to the way consumers are connecting to the vast number of entertainment and information streams.  This kind of forward thinking IT and engineering strategy is a better way to assure that your media investments are not static but are flexible to adopt and adapt to new growth.

Glenn Prins applies his thinking as a part of our media solutions to clients.  He makes sure that the designs and protocols are relevant and adaptable.  We call it Glenngineering!

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