Michael Nadel

Michael brings his diverse skill set to MRi including: Leadership, Marketing Management, Creative Content Development & Delivery as well as Producing and Business Development. Nadel has been a Business/IT Consultant for over 30 years and has served numerous multinationals such as Microsoft, Symantec, eBay, AOL and NIKE. He has been involved in TV and film production since the age of 16 when he cut his teeth in the entertainment industry with Paramount Pictures and by the age of 19 was instrumental in the IP rights acquisition of the world renown grandfather of all RPG’s (role-playing games) Dungeons & Dragons ®. Nadel has also been instrumental in raising millions of dollars in funding to develop and deliver social and economic programs for Aboriginal groups in Canada, has consulted for the Department of Veterans Affairs to help the “Peace Soldier” Commander Trevor Greene in his quest to walk again and conducted a media campaign for the late, great Carley Allison that resulted tens of millions of conventional and Internet impressions, which then led to the production of a feature film and novel written by best selling author Alice Kuipers.

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